Boxers that hide erections have now been invented

“Bloxers” are designed to keep everything in your pants.

One of the many perks of having a vagina is that you could be on the train at peak hour having a steamy fantasy about anyone and no one will ever suspect a thing. #Vaginaperks

But the same can’t be said for the dudes of the world…until NOW.

A team of designers have created a pair of boxers to keep any unwanted erections hidden, known as “Bloxers.”

The cotton boxers have an inbuilt deflector shield which can sit anywhere from the left, right, or the middle; depending which way your penis swings. (Watch the video, it explains everything.)

Using the crowd funding platform Indiegogo, these entrepreneurs are determined to make their vision a reality and prevent any further men from experiencing inappropriately-timed boners. What’s even more tempting is the ~romantic getaway~ that comes with donations of $3000.

They’re also focused on keep men healthy: "It's funny, innovative and ultimately for the better good. And with 25% of profits going to prostate cancer research, we're doing our part for men's health."

Hey, you’ve got our attention.