Turns out the most dangerous sex position is also one of your faves

F*cking great.

By Natasha Harding

Remember watching the ep of Grey’s Anatomy where McSteamy suffered a broken penis while getting all hot and, well, steamy with Lexie Grey in the on-call room? At first you didn’t know that a broken peen was even possible but after a quick Google search you found out that it is, before quickly disregarding it as just one of those things that ‘only happens on tv’, right?

Welp, unfortunately, it turns out a wang is actually wayyy easier to break than we thought. And rather than blaming those impossibly limb-y Karma Sutra positions, a study published in the Advances in Urology journal found that it’s actually a super common sex position that’s most likely to eff you up. And by you, we mean ‘him’.

While 'woman on top' has got a rep for being guys' fave (apart from doggy, obvs), it's also attributed with being the most likely posi to end in a cock up.

According to the study, "when a woman is on top she usually controls the movement with her entire body weight landing on the erect penis." Well that sounds... precarious, no?

Things take a left into A&E when men are, "not being able to interrupt [sex] when the penis suffers a wrong way penetration," (y'know, 'cause he's insomuch pain that he can't even speak). Ouch.

So there you have it, a legit excuse for next time you just CBF to get on top. Plus, the same study also found that missionary is the safest posi.

Moral of the story, variety is good. Broken cock is not.

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