Naughty sex in every room…

Need to shake up your sex life but are way too cold to even think about doing it outdoors? We show you how to get kinky at home.

Things can get pretty “meh” when your bed is your sole sex location, right? But rather than spending loads on sex toys to spice things up – simply change locations and get ready for your sex life to ignite. Sex and relationship expert Elly Klein says that a change of scenery is as good as a holiday. “It doesn’t take much to move your sexual activity from the bedroom to other parts of the house. You’re still in the privacy of your own home and different furniture can put you in new, exciting positions,” she says.

Bathroom booty

Whether you straddle him in the bathtub or do it standing in the shower, adding water into the sexual equation will make things super fun. Be sure to lather each other up with soap suds before you get busy. “The cleaner you are, the dirtier you can be! Sex in the shower feels nice because you’re both soapy and fresh. Also, it’s perfect for when you have your period but still want to have sex, or want to surprise your man with oral sex,” says Elly.

Floor sex

“Doing it on the floor is fun for those times when you’re so desperate to rip each other’s clothes off that you can’t even make it to the bedroom. It feels frenzied and primal, which is why it can be a great bonding experience,” says Ellie. Plus, the hardness of the floor will make every movement super intense.

Dining room table fun

Get some extra use out of your dining room table by including it in your next sex session. Sit on the table and wrap your legs around your guy as he stands. Lean backwards while holding onto him so your hips thrust into his. “This position allows for plenty of eye contact, kissing and access to your clitoris. Now, that’s a dinner party,” says Elly.

Laundry lovin’

Who knew washing your laundry could be such a turn on? Throw on a load of washing or put some wet clothes in the dryer, then sit on the machine with him standing in front of you and place your legs over his shoulders. “The machine acts as a built-in vibrator. And will give you a literal buzz,” says Elly.

Sex in front of a window

A great alternative to actually doing it outdoors (because let’s face it – it’s pretty damn cold out) sex in front of a window will still give you a rush. “While you may enjoy the thrill of possibly getting caught, be considerate of others. You don’t want to frighten the little old lady next door or scar the child who plays across the street for life,” recommends Elly.

Kinky kitchen

Get your man to sit on a kitchen chair and lower yourself onto him facing in the opposite direction for the reverse cowgirl move. Want another kinky kitchen move? “Take a fresh variation on doggy style by bending over a chair, a counter or the kitchen table,” says Elly.

Are you game to give these positions a go?