New love drug

Apparently the key to more intense orgasms lies up your nose…

Few of us would pass up on a quick fix for a better orgasm, so it would seem scientists are really onto something with their latest research.

It turns out that your orgasm may be intensified with a hormone called oxytocin, and clever sciencey bods have developed a nasal spray to top up your body’s natural stores.

Researchers at the Hannover Medical School in Germany studied 29 couples who’d been dating for at least a year (and had no history of sexual problems), giving half an oxytocin nasal spray and half a placebo spray to take before having sex.

The survey completed post-coitus revealed men in particular had more intense orgasms, and women felt more open to sharing their sexual desires and connecting with their partner during sex.

So what’s the deal with this oxytocin? Well, it’s one of the key factors in the initial stages of love, and couples who have high-levels of oxytocin are more likely to stay together for the long haul.

“Oxytocin is so important to bonding! It's also known as the 'bonding hormone',” sexpert Isiah McKimmie explains to Cosmo.

“Oxytocin levels can fluctuate, so it's important to engage in activities with your partner that stimulate oxytocin so that you continue to feel close and connected to each other. This includes things like loving touch, massage, cuddling or kissing.”

The study noted that although the couples who took oxytocin scored higher than those who didn’t, the difference was only marginal (which is most likely because oxytocin is already released by the brain during sex).

But before you start frantically phoning Germany, Isiah warns that she wouldn’t recommend the use of stimulants or drug treatments unless absolutely necessary.

“I think there are so many other (and more natural) ways of enhancing both libido and sexual pleasure,” she tells us.

“Drive and pleasure are complex matters which are often associated with emotions and how someone feels about sex. Certainly taking something can have an effect - even if it's just a placebo effect. But I think couples are usually better off working on their relationship or trying something like Tantra to enhance their sex life.”

Also, it may be backed by science, but we suspect “excuse me while I use my nasal spray” might be a bit of a mood killer.