Millennials orgasm MUCH quicker than their parents, says Pornhub

Plus find out what the site concludes about vintage Kim Kardashian.

While we’re sure you don’t like to think about it, your parents probably had lots of fun making you.

But may we disturb you even further? New findings have revealed that your parents may have had, er, more stamina than you.

A study by the very scientific Pornhub concludes that Millennials are spending just a bit over a minute less on their site than older generations. That's per video ;)

This basically suggests that younger folks are getting off much quicker than older gens. We say congrats for rapidly getting the job done!

Using the website's analytics software, apparently 60% of Millennials watch porn on their phones, mainly on Mondays.

The least popular day? Saturdays. We’re guessing because this is reserved for sex IRL.

The study also found that younger gens are logging onto Pornhub 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. So an hour after folks aged 35+ are.

Perhaps the most interesting stat to come out of it is that more women are viewing porn!

According to Pornhub, 24% of Millennial viewers are women, while it’s 21% in older generations.

What’s more is that the most popular porn star on the site is still… Kimmy K!

Her 2007 sex tape is still sturdy on top as the #1 most viewed video on the site. Hmm, no surprises there!