Nick Cummins, your new Bachelor, just dished his thoughts on oral sex and WOW

He really went there.

Nick Cummins, AKA The Honey Badger, has barely been on our screens as the new Bachelor, but thanks to radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands we already know relationship history and his thoughts on oral sex.

The Badge has been doing the requisite pre-show interview rounds and, of course, ended up on The Kyle and Jackie O Show and was forced to divulge all kinds of personal details.

You can watch a snippet from the interview below.

After briefly discussing his two previous serious relationships — one a three-year stint and the other a six-year stint — Nick was saying he's still mates with his most recent ex, a beautiful Norwegian artist named Martine Thomassen, and even asked for her approval before going on the show.

He also shut down rumours he'd gotten back together with Martine, saying he'd "have to fly to Norway" if he wanted to reunite with her.

He still had some lovely things to say about his former flame, telling the radio hosts: "She's a bloody beautiful woman. I lived in Japan with her and we travelled. I'm excited to see where her life goes, I want to see her killing it."

Nick also joked that having Norwegian heritage was a bonus in the bedroom: "They do things we don't do here."

Then the chat took a turn when, seemingly unprompted, Kyle transitioned straight to the topic of oral sex with very little segue. The man has zero chill.

Asked whether he was down with a bit of oral sex, The Honey Badger provided what may be the most hilarious, yet disturbing, response ever:

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THE FEED BAG. While the former rugby union player is known for his cooked quotes, this one might take the cake.

He didn't stop there though, revealing that he struggled to keep control of his romantic impulses while in the mansion.

"I'm a red-blooded male and when you're in a spa and you've been locked up for a couple of months and you've got some cracking sort on your lap and you're starting to connect on some levels and you're exchanging saliva, all of a sudden the producers come in and start separating you," he said.

When Sandilands crudely asked whether the Badge was "hard" the whole time while filming, Nick didn't mince his words.

"Mate, I had something a cattle dog couldn't chew through."

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