Not your ordinary grandma

She collects fine china, plays bingo and charges $450 an hour for her company - this little old lady is an escort.

When you hear the word 'escort', certain stereotypes come to mind - twenty-somethings struggling to pay off their school debt, heavily made-up women in expensive lingerie, sex.

One thing that rarely, if ever, springs to mind is a lady who's old enough to be your grandma, earning a heck of a lot more per hour than you make in a day (or week).

Sheila Vogel-Coupe, at the ripe old age of 85, is an escort. Her occupation was the subject of a minor scandal in the UK in 2011 when her granddaughter was a finalist on The X-Factor and Sheila became the object of much media attention.

Although most of her family disowned her following the incident, Sheila went on morning TV to clarify that she was in fact an escort,nota prostitute. She even told off her D-grade celebrity grandchild for ruining her career. Granddaughter got served!

For the record, she loves what she's doing - earning $450 an hour to go out to dinner with a guy, attend the opera, sit and talk, or, yes, sometimes go all the way. She averages 'escorting' about ten men each week, and every so often they're young enough to be her great-grandson.

"I get lonely and like the companionship of a gentleman, but if you want the honest truth, I do it because I love sex," she says.

"It makes me feel proud that, at my age, I've preserved my body so well and men love it. I'm not ready to stop yet."

Having been widowed twice, Sheila became an escort four years ago. Despite the negative media attention and family rifts, she shows no signs of stopping. She's about to be featured on a Channel 4 documentary called My Granny the Escort, which follows three mature-age sex workers (ahem, escorts) through their day-to-day lives.

Here's a sneak peek: