There’s now a website that schools you on the female orgasm

Yes. Yes. Yes. YES. YEESSSSS.

There’s now a website that schools you on the female orgasm

Forget about reading sex position books or watching cringe porn to figure out how to ~pleasure your lover~ (were you really learning anything anyway?), because there’s a new sex positive website and it’s extremely hands on. Literally.

Omgyes is an online learning tool developed to teach people about perfecting the art of pleasuring women and it’s essentially orgasm academy.

It shows real, naked women on camera, explaining and demonstrating the techniques that help them climax. Not only do you get to watch, you can also have a go yourself on their touchable videos.

That's the actual hands on part.

Once you’ve subscribed to the site ($39), you can fine-tune your skills on the virtual vagina and you receive feedback in real time. GENIUS.

There’s also a helluva lot of different types of stimulation to practice (12 to be exact) which can help a woman reach orgasm, with names like orbiting and edging as opposed to the “vague, pop culture words like fingering and rubbing,” according to the site. So while men can learn a lot from the 47 short videos, women obviously can too.

To compile all of this together, they conducted more than 2,000 interviews with women between the ages of 18 – 95, and if you ask us, that’s a lot of wisdom (that we’re really thankful for) right there.

Their main goal is to shut down myths surrounding women’s sexual pleasure and to get people talking and discovering, because there absolutely shouldn’t be a stigma surrounding female pleasure.

So now you can learn about how to blow your own mind or how to get someone else to do it for you.

We wonder if you get some sort of orgasm certificate upon completion?