One night stands are in

A new study has revealed that our sexual attitudes are changing. Big time.

It wasn’t so long ago that one night stands were frowned upon. “If you sleep with him straightaway he might not stick around,” was the advice regularly dished out by concerned girlfriends. But a new study has revealed that the sexual attitudes of young people are changing. Drastically. And it turns out that casual sex and one night stands are now widely accepted.

Laura Watt, a sociology researcher at University of Manchester, conducted a study of 18-30 year olds and found that 63 percent of them think that casual sex is normal, which was up from 40 percent a decade ago. So while there are still some peeps who consider a one night fling to be “wrong”, more and more young people are warming to the idea of it.

So when it comes to young Aussies, where do we sit on the casual sex spectrum? “Young Australians are definitely more accepting of casual sex and one night stands,” says sex and relationship expert Isiah McKimmie. “Sadly we’re still less accepting of it for women but I do think those attitudes are changing.” It’s 2013, it’s time to realise we can’t have one set of rules for chicks and another for guys, right?

So what else did the study find? Young people are a very loyal bunch. Yep, while casual sex is in, cheating is totally out. Nine out of 10 surveyed thought that cheating on a partner was never justifiable. That’s great but we’d really love to track down that one out of 10 – seriously, when is cheating ever OK?

“Young Australians are also very loyal, we really respect honesty and monogamy and don’t like to ever think that a person we’re seeing exclusively is also having sex with someone else,” says Isiah.

“Just be sure if you’re engaging in casual sex that you’re not getting your feelings hurt and also be safe.” Another thing to watch out for? “Sexually Transmitted infections are again on the rise, so while it’s OK to have an open mind about sex, it’s important that you take the right precautions to protect yourself. Use condoms and if you do sleep with different people regularly be sure to get STI checks frequently.”

Young people are a lot less conservative these days. So, do you agree that casual sex is more acceptable?

So what kind of standards to guys and girl have when it comes to one night stands? You might be surprised!