One very happy camper

Our sex columnist Tara went to Sex Camp (yes, it’s a real thing).

A few weeks ago I found myself naked and sweaty, dancing with a complete stranger and loving it. I was at Sex Camp. Yes, you read right. I, your Sex and Cosmo girl, went deep into the Melbourne bush land for a long weekend of sex workshops, performances and a whole lotta self-exploration (I can hear you laughing already).

Before I divulge all my naughty secrets about what went down (ahem) out there, let me just clear up those dirty thoughts – no, this was NOT just one massive orgy! I did, however, tour my lady town in a room full of people, meet a sexual guru with a ‘number’ well over 1500 and willingly get involved in what can only be described as one big, group orgasm. #awks

Now it’s pretty weird (and maybe a bit creepy) to think that such a camp exists, right? A place entirely devoted to shedding light on what most of us do in the dark. Where no fetish is too weird and no kink is too kinky. A camp where you can paint your naked body pink and spank a stranger with a paddle. A whole weekend entirely devoted to experimenting and exploring your sexuality.

For me? It was heaven on earth!

I’ll admit, there were some noises in the night, but the majority of the camp was focused on prioritising your own pleasure and heating up your own lady loins. It was about letting go of your inhibitions and discovering something new about yourself (I, for one, discovered I love chai tea and latex dresses!)

And as cray as it may sound to be in a room where 36 private parts are smiling up at you, I never once freaked out. Even rolling solo I was pretty comfy and never felt pressured to engage in activities that were beyond my boundaries.

The only hard part of sex camp was choosing between all the amazing workshops. The timetable was jammed packed with delicious classes like vulva-licious massage and tantric touch class. It was a nightmare trying to decide whether I wanted to unleash my erotic creature and find my inner submissive, watch the rope bondage performance or listen to the polygamy talk. Choices, choices!

Want to hear just how far things went at Sexy Camp? I’ll see you next week for Class One…

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