10 oral sex tips you need to know

How to make his (and your) time beneath the sheets the best it’s ever been.

10 oral sex tips you need to know

FOR HIM: Oral sex is often considered as part of the ‘lead-up’ to the main round, but encourage him to think of it as an act that deserves its own foreplay. Kissing, touching and arousing each other before he ducks beneath the sheets will give you time to warm up to his level.

FOR YOU: Be vocal about what you want, and encourage him to do the same. Before you go down on him, tell him you want his feedback throughout – what feels good, what doesn’t, when to speed up or apply more pressure. It’ll encourage an open dialogue between you both when it’s his turn.

FOR HIM: Give him better access to your G-spot by propping a pillow under your bum (when you’re lying on your back).

FOR YOU: Receiving oral sex should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you, but that doesn’t mean you should make him do all the work. Gently roll your hips to grind against his mouth or hold the back of his head when you want him to apply pressure (without smothering him, obvs).

FOR HIM: Remind your guy of what’s waiting for him when he finishes down there – caress your body so that he can see you enjoying yourself when he looks up, or grab one of his hands and have him play with your breasts.

FOR YOU: Fake the sensation of deep-throating him by putting his penis underneath your tongue, rather than on top of it. No gagging, guaranteed.

FOR HIM: Ask him to mix things up down there by alternating pressure and suction. The experience of oral sex is different for men and women, so he’ll need some guidance about when to take it slow and when to work overtime. Talking about what you enjoy and don’t enjoy before or after sex will give you a better understanding of your partner’s needs.

FOR YOU: The hole in the tip of his penis (it’s called the meatus) has amazing, and untapped, potential during oral sex. Apply gentle pressure to it while working the shaft, and build up to a medium pressure. He’ll love the unexpected sensation.

FOR HIM: Increase your pleasure by getting him to slip a finger inside you while he’s down there, or embrace your kinkier side by getting him to use a vibrator on you while he stimulates your clitoris with his tongue.

FOR YOU: You might feel like it’s an unflattering angle, but trust us – he wants your lady parts all up in his face. Straddle his head and lean forward against the wall while he pleasures you lying on his back. It’s a perfect position if you want to have more control during the act.