Orgasms are great for your brain

New research shows they don’t just blow your mind – they improve it!

“Nothing worth having ever comes easily.” It’s that old adage that we know to be (annoyingly) true. Want to get fit? You’ve got to put in the hard yards. Want to slim down? You’ve got to forgo delicious junk food. But in news that is resulting in high-fives around the Cosmo office, a study has shown that having an orgasm is a legit brain workout.

The study conducted by Rutgers researchers Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise (who have the fun task of analysing human pleasure for a living) found that having an orgasm is better for your brain than doing a crossword. Translation: if you have multiple orgasms you’ve basically just completed five cryptic crosswords – and for a change, it was actually a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The study recruited females who brought themselves to orgasm while lying in an fMRI machine that measured blood flow to different parts of the brain. How these women managed to masturbate and orgasm, knowing that there were loads of people in lab coats studying them, we’ll never know. But we’re definitely grateful for the sacrifice those chicks made because their scans showed that orgasms increased blood flow to all parts of the brain, which brought brain-boosting nutrients and oxygenation along, too.

When speaking about the study to the Times of London, researcher Komisaruk said, “Mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localized regions, orgasm activates the whole.” Excuse us while we add this to our list of orgasm benefits, right under “decrease depression” and above “ease stress”.

So what’s it like for those brave chicks who volunteer to have an orgasm inside an fMRI scan? A tad awkward according to Kayt Sukel who when speaking to The Guardian said, “It's not the most romantic spot one might engage in self-loving. In fact, if you've ever spent time in an MRI scanner, it may seem nearly impossible. It's claustrophobic, dark and very, very loud in that cramped chamber.”

She also had to wear an “orgasm mask” to stop her head from moving while she got busy. Certainly not the most ideal setting for an orgasm but her super-charged brain will thank her for it!

Ladies, go forth and have as much sex as you can – in the name of improving your brain, of course.