Orgasms make you healthy

Yeah they feel good but science is showing that the Big O can actually benefit your wellbeing, big time.

Orgasms are good for your health

Are you ready for some awesome news? You already know that orgasms are, well, mind-blowingly good, but now you have a legit scientific reason for heading to the bedroom. Orgasms, it turns out, are good for us. Really good for us.

Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have found that the Big O is better for your brain than a session of Sudoku (and we all know how hard/annoying trying to complete one of those can be).

The study, led by Barry Komisaruk (who’s been researching female pleasure since the 60s – high fives to him) and former sex therapist Nan Wise, found that the Big O increases blood flow around the body, therefore increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygenation to all regions of the brain. Cool, huh?

“Mental exercises (such as crosswords and Sudoku) increase brain activity but only in relatively localized regions. Orgasm activates the whole,” Komisaruk explains.

And get this; the researchers obtained their results by recruiting females who brought themselves to orgasm while lying in an fMRI machine that measured blood flow to different parts of the brain. How these women managed to masturbate and orgasm knowing that there was a group of science-y types in lab coats watching their (brain’s) every move, we’ll never know.

Rowan Pelling was one of these brave chicks, and in case you’re wondering what the experience of being wired up and barely able to move in an fMRI machine while climaxing is like… it’s, well, unsurprisingly awkward.

She told the Daily Mail: “Once clad in a white cotton robe and blue fleece bed socks, there's only the mask to fit… It's strangely intimate here inside the scanner's snug womb. Then a set of instructions commence on the screen, telling me what I should be doing, and how long for.

“The whole exercise is rather like a form of sensory meditation and by the time I'm instructed to commence countdown to the big O, I'm strangely in the mood.”

But it turns out the mental benefits of sex aren’t where the fun ends. Sex and relationship expert Isiah McKimmie says that orgasms and sex in general are awesome for our wellbeing.

“Apart from improving our brain function, sex and orgasms reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, improve cardio health, improve muscle tone, reduce the risk of osteoporosis by increasing testosterone, are good for our emotional health and can reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety,” Isiah explains.

Plus, you release oxytocin and dopamine – hormones that make you feel good.

So go forth ladies, and get your daily dose of health-improving sex.