Outdoor lovin’

Now that you don’t need to worry about frostbite, here’s how to get some kinky action outside…

Outdoor sex

Winter sex = snuggling up under the covers sharing body heat. Spring/summer sex? It’s a whole different story. Now that things are thawing out, why not ramp up your love life by getting some action with your man outdoors? Don’t stress if you’re new to sex in a semi-public place (we’re obvs not encouraging you to have sex on a busy street, ladies!), we’ve got the lowdown…

Ooh Ooooh Oooooooh!

Yep, outdoor sex is fun with a capital “F” and it could have serious benefits for your love life. “Trying sex in different places is a great way to keep things fun and interesting. The chance that you could get caught makes it just that little bit more exciting,” explains sex and relationship expert Isiah McKimmie.

The downers

It's important to get acquainted with the downside before you get freaky in an open location. If you’re travelling abroad be get acquainted with local laws before your strip off your clothes – it’s illegal to kiss, let alone have sex, in some countries. And the last thing you want is to wind up in a jail…nekkid. “Also, be aware of stinging nettles and other dangerous plants, getting dirt ahem, where you don't want it (which can lead to nasty infections), and sunburn,” recommends Isiah. Who knew sex was so risky?!

Sexy locations

Whether you’re a daytime girl, night-time girl, alley way girl or deserted field kinda girl, choose to do it in a location that you want to. Why? If you’re not comfortable with the sitch, the sex is guaranteed to suck. Don’t have a clue where to try some outdoor lovin’? These sexy places will get you started. “The beach is always romantic! Best to find a secluded beach or wait until night when no one is around. Do it on a bushwalk or drive out into the country side at night and have sex on the bonnet of your car,” suggests Isiah.

If these sound a little bit too daring for you; begin with baby steps: “Have sex on a picnic rug on your back lawn. Or you could start with giving each other oral sex so one person can still be watching out,” suggests Isiah. Just remember that if there’s a pretty big chance you’ll be spotted, it’s probably not the best location – imagine how creeped out you’d be if stumbled across a couple getting it on in an obvious place?

Your (hot) toolkit

If you’re into spur of the moment outdoor sexy times – good for you! But if you want to put a little bit of planning into the session, these are the things we suggest keeping in your sexy artillery:

  • Wear clothes that can be easily taken off. Your skin-tight jeans? They’re not conducive to outdoor lovin’.
  • Condoms – STIs are on the rise amongst young Aussies (read more about it here) so don’t be without protection.
  • Keeping a towel or picnic mat on hand will also mean you don’t have to contend with sticks and shrubs (ouch) if you’re getting frisky in the wild.

So, are you game for sex outdoors?