Random sex facts

From naughty dreams to the value of nuts (the edible kind!), impress your boy with this trivia…

Random sex facts

1. 75 grams of walnuts per day can improve the vitality and motility of a man’s sperm.

2. Put down the anti-ageing cream: On average, people who have sex three times a week look up to seven years younger. Best beauty routineever.

3. When you’re ovulating:

a) you tend to wear fashionable clothes;
b) the pitch of your voice changes;
c) you are likely to wear “sexy” colours, like red, to increase your desirability.

4. People who sleep on their stomach with their arms above their head tend to havemore sexual dreams.

5. 48 percent of men want to meet your folks before becoming your boyfriend.

6. “It wasn’t until recently that I actually enjoyed sex. It’s not until you really love yourself that you can give love to others.” Lady Gaga is one sensible lady when it comes to bedroom action.

7. $19,400: That’s how much moolah we apparently spend trying to find The One.

8. If your other half needs another reason to cuddle up… men who don’t engage in “sexual touching” with their partner are twice as likely to have erectile problems.