Record breakers

The world’s longest pash, biggest penis and other sexy facts we needed to share

Record breakers

The largest penis measures 34 centimetres (grab a ruler!) and belongs to Jonah Falcon, who was thrust into stardom when a documentary, Private Dicks: Men Exposed, showed his full length on camera.

The longest pash award goes to husband and wife Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat. In 2011, the couple shared an unbroken kiss for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds in Pattaya, Thailand - that's nearly two days! Who said romance was dead?

The strongest vagina belongs to Tatiata Kozhevnikova from Russia. Tatiata exercised her most "intimate muscles" every day for 15 years, and recently showcased their strength by suspending a 14 kilogram glass ball from her lady bits. Ouch.

The biggest natural breasts belong to model Annie Hawkins-Turner, who in a regular bra size would measure 102ZZZ.

The naughtiest nuptials were held at Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. The largest "nude" wedding took place here in 2003, when 29 couples got hitched at the same time. Even guests were naked!