Review: Everything You Need To Know

Helenkay Dimon’s racy new read is sure to get your heart racing and your brain ticking over raunchy office sex this summer.

If you thought the corporate world of Washington D.C. was nothing but plain black suits, pencil skirts and office handshakes, think again. In Helenkay Dimon’s Everything You Need to Know, the suits and skirts are ripped right off, and handshakes lead to heavy touching.

Jordan is an attractive, intelligent woman with a track record of dating influential D.C. power brokers who think nothing of using and abusing her. Her attitude to men is not improved by the exploits of her mother – a woman obsessed with serial dating, who uses high profile men for their money.

To help the women of D.C. navigate the dangerous minefield of “blowhards”, Jordan sets up a dating site called “Need to Know”, where she assesses the characters of different men after a few dates in response to requests and notes from online users. Jordan effectively uses her day job to get firsthand information on date traits of single men and then spends her evenings reporting back to online members of Everything You Need to Know.

Whether it’s because these men are bad in bed, denying marriage or simply sleeping around, Jordan believes they should be named and shamed on her website to avoid the heartache that she has been through too many times before.

Just when Jordan thinks she has confirmed that all the men in D.C. contain little to no moral fibre, she meets Forest Redder. Intelligent, demanding, objectively good-looking and powerful, it seems as though on the surface he is everything Jordan hates. Or is he?

After plenty of hot and intimate nights together it’s clear Jordan has fallen head over heels for Forest’s charm, and everything seems perfect… until he questions her involvement with the anonymous website and things come to a halt. Forest pleads for honesty but is Jordan willing to share her little secret to keep him begging at her door?

The sense of suspense in this book is almost crippling. The love-hate relationship between Jordan and Forest is filled with passionate lust. Dimon creates wholesome characters and employs truthful, clever dialogue which intensifies a sense of desire as you become more and more entwined in the story. A definite must read – you won’t want to put it down!

Everything You Need to Know will keep you turning pages poolside or on the beach this summer – it’s the perfect hot weather read to sink your teeth into on your next vacay.

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