Ruby Rose is apparently turning all straight women into lesbians

But are the comments trivialising sexuality?

You’d have to be living under a rock (ridiculous saying, soz about it) to miss the hullabaloo surrounding Australia’s very own Ruby Rose.

Our homegrown hottie is pretty much breaking the internet since she made her debut on Orange is the New Black.

Here’s why:


Making people (ourselves included, obvs) be like:

But heaps of straight women are taking to t'internet to say they’d 'turn' for her:

Of course, this has got people wondering whether it’s trivialising sexuality as it’s pretty much saying being gay is a choice, which, duh, it’s not.

So, how’s about we all just agree that Ruby Rose is making all of our straight and gay ‘ginas tingle, but if we’re straight, we shouldn’t say we’ll 'turn gay' because it’s not as simple as that but what’s really simple is Ruby Rose is a goddess?

Well that wasn’t a convoluted answer at ALL.