Michael Fassbender... naked

Ever wondered how well-endowed your fave celeb is? This website probably has the answer.

Michael Fassbender naked

You know in Knocked Up how the guys have a genius idea to compile all the nude scenes in movies and list them on a website so men can check out hot, naked ladies anytime they want (without technically watching porn)? Then (the world’s coolest dude) Paul Rudd tells them it already exists?

Well, now there's another one you can use to fast-forward to the good bits. It's called Mr. Man [warning: click-through with caution!] and, yup, it’s all right there for your perving pleasure.

Want to get a proper look at Daario Naharis’ behind after last night’s Game of Thrones? This is the site for you. You can search by celebs (of course, Fassbender is the most requested, followed closely by Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio), movies, TV shows, playlists. More naked body than you can probably handle.

OBVIOUSLY, it is very NSFW so unless you work at Cosmopolitan where this sort of thing is basically encouraged, we’d suggest you wait until you get home for a squiz.

Until then...