You can now send someone an eggplant emoji IRL because of course you can

Thank the penis gods! Our prayers have been answered!

By Lorna Gray

We all have our favourite emojis, right? Mine is the goat, not that you were wondering. But let's face it, some of our most-used emojis are the ones that have become synonymous with ~sexy~ talk.

(Namely the splashing water emoji and our old pal, the eggplant.)

Don’t even lie, your group whatsapps are full of them, mostly signifying when your mates get the D, obvs.

But good news eggplant/penis fans, if you want to congratulate your BFF on her latest conquest, you can now do it IRL. As in, send her a real life frickin’ eggplant.

What a time to be alive!

Eggplant Mail will send an actual eggplant anonymously to your nearest and dearest, complete with a message.

Such as:

Or terrifyingly:

The website’s statement is something to behold:

“Want to send someone a real life penis emoji? We will mail an anonymous eggplant, with your personal message, anywhere in the world. 100% Phallic. 100% Anonymous. 100% Disturbing.”


And free worldwide shipping? Get in.



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