Seven things he secretly wants during sex

What does he wish you’d do in bed but is way too shy to ask? We get some real men to spill the deets…

Sure, we know what we’d like in the bedroom (hello Liam Hemsworth…) but have you ever asked him exactly what he wants when you’re getting busy? We rounded up some (very honest) guys to find out the little things that would blow their minds during sex. Be warned: they don’t hold back.

More direction

“I don’t want girls to just go along with what I’m doing during sex, I want them to tell me how they want to do it and take control of the situation.” Carl, 27

Get nekkid

“If you’re wearing some awesome sexy lingerie; you can leave some of it on during sex if you want. But please don’t keep your clothing on during sex because you’re worried about how you look. It kills the moment. Plus, we love you naked. Fully naked.” Jake, 23

Don’t be afraid of oral

“Foreplay isn’t a one-way street! It’d be awesome if girls would reciprocate in that department a bit more – especially when it comes to giving head.” Charlie, 29

Don’t take it too seriously

“One of the best sex sessions I ever had was when my girlfriend and I were trying this crazy standing position that wasn’t really working. We ended up having to stop because we were laughing so much.” Archie, 20

Faking it is out

“Trust me, we can totally tell when girls fake it and I actually find it pretty insulting. If you don’t fake it, we’ll try harder in future to please you, so it actually works in your favour not to.” Sam, 30


“Don’t be afraid to try something out of left field. I’d totally be up for trying a rim job but I’m too afraid to ask my girlfriend.” Ron, 30

Be confident

"When a chick asks how things are for me constantly during sex it’s a real turn off – be confident in what you’re doing; we’ll tell you if something isn’t working!” Sam, 21

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