Sex by country

From length to satisfaction, how do Australians stack up between the sheets compared to other countries?

Sex by country

We like to think Australians are a pretty sexy bunch, but it seems we’re woefully average between the sheets. Curious about how we stack up compared to other nations, we’ve taken a look at what the other countries are, ahem, doing and boy do we have a lot work ahead of us. We might be a hot country but we’re certainly not a hot-blooded one. But hey, even if we’re as middle-of-the-road as they get, at least we’re not in last place!

So how do we fair?

Australians have sex 106 times a year. We beat the US (hurrah) who only have sex 85 times a year. UK citizens are just behind us too on 92. Japan are the (un)lucky last, the average Japanese has sex 48 times per year. Ouch. That’s a huge leap from the second last country, Hong Kong too. They have sex on average 82 times a year. But the ones to beat are the Greeks. They prove their hot-blood translates to passion with the average Greek having sex 164 times per year.

60% of sexually active Australians have sex every week. The global average is 67 percent, which means we’re clearly underperforming. With a quarter of Greeks enjoying sex five or more times per week and 87 percent having weekly sex, we think we’re moving to the islands!

Sex last an average of 17.3 minutes in Australia. With the longest sessions going to the Nigerians at 24 minutes, we figure we’re not doing too bad. Surprisingly the French are a speedy bunch at 14.6 minutes. But the Fast Finish prize goes to the Indians at 13 minutes. Proving it’s about quality, not quantity, 67 percent of Indians believe they have an exciting sex life. That’s a better average than us!

40 percent of Australians believe they have an exciting sex life. This is really disappointing to see. Less than half of us believe we have an exciting sex life. Come on Australia, we can do better than this! We might beat Japan (only 10 percent agree) but we’re way behind the leaders of the pack Nigeria (78 percent) and Mexico (73 percent)!

58 percent of Aussies say they almost or always have an orgasm. Mexico and South Africa share the top honours at 66 percent. We feel bad for China and Hong Kong who share the last spot at 24 percent. Wow.

Out of the OECD countries, Australia is the fifth most promiscuous country. According to a 2008 study, Britain took the number one spot for Western countries, with Finland winning the ultimate gong.

When it comes to global penis lengths, Aussie men are 17th at 5.2 inches (13.2 centimetres). Iceland are the most well-endowed in Europe with the average length of 16.5 centimetres. Korea are the shortest (sorry Korea) at 12.7 centimetres. The longest is The Republic of Congo at 18 centimetres.

Australian men have on average 24 sexual partners and women have 11. We beat the UK and US for the number of sexual partners. In every country, males had more partners than women, except in New Zealand where women had three times more partners than men. They had an average of 20 lovers so it’s still less than Aussie men.

All in all, we’re not doing too bad but it’s time to lift our game! What are you waiting for? Grab your partner and hit the sheets!