This sex calculator reveals how many people you’ve been exposed to

Samantha Jones would definitely dominate.

This sex calculator reveals how many people you’ve been exposed to

Most of us keep some sort of tally of how many people we’ve had sex with, but we’ve never properly considered how many people our ~lovers~ have boned before us and what that actually means, until now.

Let us introduce to you the Sexual Exposure Calculator. It shows you how many people you’ve been sexually exposed to within six degrees of connection.

All you have to do is punch in how many people you’ve slept with, along with the average number of partners you think each of your conquests have had before you, and bingo, you see a true scale of your sexual exposures.

According to this math machine, I’ve been indirectly exposed to a helluva lot of people. Thankfully, touch wood (HA) I haven’t caught any sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Because, protection.

Highlighting just how important practicing safe sex is, is the thinking behind this calculator, according to its website. And it certainly makes you stop and reconsider your bedroom antics.

"Seen at this scale, the true level of risk from unprotected sex will hopefully have users think again about precarious relations."

Even if you’ve only slept with two people and your partner has only slept with two people, you’re already indirectly exposed to 126 partners.


So while we probably don’t have as many notches on our belt as Samantha (and no one's judging if you do), we’ve still racked up a big enough figure to make us solemnly swear we'll keep on using protection.

And if you're not always using protection, hopefully this is a wake up call.

Suspect you might have a sexually transmitted disease? Book in to see your GP asap.

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