The best sex positions to try in water (and how to actually have sex in water)

Get ready for a deep dive into pool sex y’all.

sex positions to do in water

Looking to move sex from the bedroom to the beach? Look no further than Cosmo’s guide to having sex in water. We have the best sex positions for water sex, as well as great sex advice for couples looking to get naughty in the pool — because, let’s face it, we’ve all asked ourselves the big questions, like 'what does sex in water feel like?' and 'can you get pregnant from sex in a hot tub?'

Don’t worry, we have all the answers here. But before we ~dive into~ the serious stuff, here are the seven best sex positions for those looking to get jiggy with it in the pool, shower or even in the ocean.

Bath Sex Position — Victoria Falls

Facing the faucet, kneel in a tub that's already filled with warm water. Inch up so your body is very close to the water flow, then lean forward. Let your partner edge in behind you and then lower yourself onto him. If things are getting a little slippery, hold the wall or sides of the tub for balance.

Want to up the pleasure? Use the shower head to spray water onto your clit so you have action coming from both sides.

Pool Sex Position — Submarine

This one can be rather tricky, so make sure you're well-brief beforehand — the last thing you want is for anyone to drown!

Utilise the pool steps and get your partner to sit on the first or second step. Sit on his lap (and get him inside), before lowering your back 'til it is flat against his thighs, and lift your knees to sit below his underarms. Rest your feet on the pool edge and hold on to his calves to stabilise yourself, and, of course, make sure your head remains above the water!

Hot Tub Sex Position — Jacuzzi Joyride

If you happen to have a hot tub (and a hot guy to go with it), then this is a great position to try. Think ‘girl on top’, but with your fella sitting upright and leaning against the spa wall. You should be perched on top (in a squatting position) allowing you to spring up and down on your feet. You can take it easy with this position and let the bubbles do most of the work…

Pool Sex Position — Lilo Lay

This position is for the more coordinated gals out there. Basically, you need to get yourself lying flat on a pool inflatable (tummy down) before your man enters you from behind. Hold on to the lilo edge and let him pull you back towards him until he is inside you. The great thing about this position is, unlike with standard ‘doggie style’, you can move with your partner. Everytime he thrusts, you can glide back and forward with the lilo. Genius!

Beach Sex Position — Beach Ball Bounce

Found yourself on a private beach and wanting to have a little fun in the sun? This plan is all well and good, but sand is notoriously hard to have sex on, and can really grate your knees. The solution? One super basic beach ball (that you never want to play with again).

Lie down on your front with the beach ball under your crotch. Get your partner to lie on top of you, with your bums aligned, but with him supporting his weight on his arms. Once inside, you are free to bounce up and down on that handy beach ball all day long!

Shower Sex Position — Niagara Falls

Nothing like a bit of soapy sex sesh to start your morning! This position is made 1,000 per cent easier if you have a ledge in your shower that you can prop your foot up on. Don’t have one? Check out this shower sex foot stand.

Prop one foot up on the ledge and get up on your tippy toes with the other (especially if you have a tall partner). Remain fairly straight, but lean forward slightly and back your booty up into him. You might need something to cling on to up high, or place your hands on the shower wall for support.

Want to add a little romance to the shag? Get your partner to massage shower gel into your back while he takes you from behind. HOT.

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Pool Sex Position — On The Edge

Try this semi-submerged position with your partner by crossing your arms and resting them on the side of the pool. Push your bottom back until your body makes a right angle and let your partner come in behind you, holding on to your arms or the pool edge. Keep your legs apart, so that their legs can go in between yours. Your butt will look AMAZE from this angle as the water slaps over it — we recommend channelling all your inner-Kimmy K thoughts.

Now that you have your kama sutra to-do list, it’s time to knuckle down to the serious stuff. Here are all things you need to know before you take the plunge and have sex in water.

How to prepare for sex in water?

Firstly, you need to select your location. Showers are pretty standard (and private), but if you are picking a pool, lake or beach then make sure the water doesn’t look ~dodgy~. Avoid murky water at all costs and, obviously, if you are having sex in a pool, make sure no one else is in it!

Once that is squared away, you’ll need to get your hands on some silicon-based lubricant, pop that and the condom on before you get in the water, and you should be ready to go!

What does sex in water feel like?

Having sex submerged in water feels kind of like any other sex, but with more splashes. It can feel a little rubbery though. This is because the water, annoyingly, washes away your natural lubricants. To override this, you’ll need to bring your own lube — this should definitely be a silicon-based lube as that doesn’t dissolve in the water and will stay super slick.

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How do you have protected sex in water?

Obviously, if you are not looking to get pregnant, having safe sex in the water is a must. Your oral contraceptives (such as the pill) will remain effective for your pool session, but to protect yourself from STIs too, you’re going to need a condom.

Condoms and water don’t always go hand in hand, so you need to make sure that you put the condom on before you get into the water — this way no liquid will be trapped inside. If there is no liquid trapped inside, then you shouldn’t be at risk of it slipping off.

However, in some pools, the chemicals may have an effect on the condoms material — potentially making it less durable. Make sure you have a backup plan to cover any damage and keep checking the condom throughout your session.

You can seriously up the protection levels by having some fun all by yourself! Check out these incredible shower sex toys for a bubbly solo sesh.

What are the dangers of having sex in water?

The only danger of having sex in the water that is different to having sex anywhere is, as bleak as it sounds, drowning. Make sure that the positions you are in allow you to breathe, and that there’s minimal chance of your head going under the water. Sex in water really needs to be with someone who you can communicate well with, so that if you get worried or scared that something is going to go wrong, you feel safe to speak up about it. Also, avoid having sex in water at night, when it’s dark, as you or your partner will find it harder to see if the other is going underwater or struggling to breathe because water is constantly hitting them in the face.

Can you get pregnant from sex in water?

Yes, you can get pregnant from having sex in water. You can’t get pregnant in the way that Quinn claimed on Glee (AKA by her boyfriend ejaculating in the hot tub and the sperm swimming across the Jacuzzi and into her vagina), but if your partner ejaculates inside of you, you certainly can.

To avoid pregnancy, make sure you are using a condom (and putting it on before you get into the water) and that you are taking another form of contraception (be it the pill or an IUD) to be sure that you don’t get pregnant whilst having sex in water.

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