Sex on the brain

Want to know which parts of your body react most strongly to sexual touch? Yes. We thought so…

Scientists have finally figured out something that we (women) have known for ages: sexual touch stimulates different parts of the female brain - so the tingly feeling you get if a guy touches your clitoris will feel different to if he is penetrating you. Yes, we’ve been proven correct: rubbing the clitoris is not the same as having straightforward sex.

This is the first time that the brain has been mapped to find the precise locations that correspond to the vagina, cervix, clitoris and nipples. Swiss researchers studied the brain’s sensory cortex and how it reacted to stimulation to different parts of female bodies. And voila, they discovered that not only do the clitoris and vagina trigger different parts of the brain, the nipples and genitals are directly linked – explaining why some women can orgasm by nipple stimulus alone…lucky them.

"This is hard proof that there is a big difference between stimulating those different regions," says Stuart Brody of the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley, UK, one of the researchers in the study. The new data highlights that women can climax from attention to various places on her body and that it’s not just all about the hoo-ha.

Interestingly the area of the brain that goes off when a female’s clitoris is being touched is the same area that goes into overdrive when a guy’s penis is getting some attention. And even more fascinating is that when scientists studied the nipples, they found that not only was the brain having a nice time, the genitals were also, erm, activated. We told you…the nipples can’t be ignored.

The scientists plan to study more erotic body parts to see which other areas of the female brain respond to sexual touch, including the G-spot. In the meantime, feel free to forward this to your BF…