5 sex positions to maximise his size

In case he's not as big as you'd hoped.

By Jill Hamilton

The ancient sex manual the Kama Sutra categorises men and women by the size of their lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina). Men are hares (on the smaller side), bulls (medium) or horses (whoa, Nellie). Women are deer (small), mares (medium) or elephant (hey Kama Sutra, think of a more flattering description than elephant, k?).

Even though the Kama Sutra calls a hare/elephant combo a "low union," if you have that situation going on, here are 5 sex positions that will make him feel like a horse in your deer.

1. The slippery mermaid

Switch positions in missionary so you're on top, with your legs pressed together between his. Support your weight with your hands, and have him slide in between your legs to enter you. Since he's on the bottom, he can thrust extra deep inside you, and you'll get the clit-stimulating benefits of girl-on-top. Plus the weird power reversal vibe makes this feel a bit subversive which can be super-hot.

2. The really good dog

Doggie style is great for those with a small-penised partner, because he can penetrate you as deep as possible. You can also change your position to make you both feel like you're taking him more deeply. Try resting your head all the way down onto the bed or arching your back 'til he's hitting you in exactly. The. Right. Spot.

3. The slow slider

Missionary turns into a whole different sexy slide-y beast if you just clamp your legs together tightly. Rock your hips slowly and you will slide up on down on his penis in a completely delightful manner. Turn your knees in to change up the angle and you both will swoon. Guaranteed.

4. Press ‘N play

Lean over the edge of the bed, presenting your ass fetchingly. He gets one hell of a view, and doggy style lets him take you super deeply, using your hips for extra leverage. Hell-ooo vaginal orgasm.

5. The mortar and prestle

In-and-out can be kinda meh with a smaller member, so try a circular grinding motion for more amazingness. Get on your back, tuck a pillow under your butt, and open your legs wide. Have him enter you and grind against each other, rubbing your clit against his pubic bone, and letting your moans and movements tell him how much you're liking it. (And oh, you so will be liking it.)