Sex Roulette is the latest WTF sex trend making us go 'NOPE!'

Really, REALLY don’t try this at home, kids

By Mel Evans

Sex is fun, sex is great – but you know what makes sex, like, the best fun ever?


Seriously. Safety first. That's the phrase that should be tattooed onto the bodies of a bunch of people in Spain that have started a crazy new trend of ‘Sex Roulette’.

No, this isn’t some magical, fun sex position whereby you spin a wheel and bet on whether the ball will land on red or black...while you do it.

We’re referring to actual, organised parties where one secretly HIV-positive person is invited and everyone has a giant orgy and you don’t know if you’re having sex with a HIV-infected person or not.

Because that sounds like SUCH a fun Saturday night.

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Just what is sexy about this? Glad you asked. Nothing. But apparently, for the ones that do it, the sexual thrill comes from not knowing whether you’re going to be infected or not.

F*ck me. Not literally. Metaphorically. But still with a condom, plz.

Spanish doctors have noted a rise in the amount of parties where attendees take anti-viral drugs to lessen the chances of infection. Which is basically like wearing a paper bag in the rain and expecting to be bone dry when you get home.

Psychosexual therapist Kate Morley said, ‘Going to sex roulette parties is about the risk, partygoers think the higher the risk, the stronger the thrill. In the case of sex parties the intense high is as you combine orgasm with high adrenaline.”

She also advised the long term consequences are dangerous.

Yeah, no shit.

This is as good a time as ever to remind everyone that if you’re having sex wear.a.condom. Make your partner wear one. Carry them with you. It’s cool. All the cool kids do it. Throw them from balconies to people below. Frickin wear them in your hair. As they say, Condom hair, don’t care!