sex toy jewellery

This sex toy jewellery line is actually pretty AF

Because you need to be prepared for a kinky bang at any given moment.

We like to think that sex toys are no longer a taboo, but it’s fair enough if ladies want to keep their toys out of sight from family and friends — 'cos their little silicone friend is for them and their ~special~ solo time. However, there is now a way to parade your sex toys about without a judgement stare in sight!

Rather than hiding your sex toys in your bedside table, why not wear them around your neck? On your fingertips, or around your wrists? This probably sounds like the most unsubtle thing in the world — and so if you’re picturing a buzzing six-inch vibrator hanging off your neck, we understand. But what if we told you that all of the following pictures of chic AF jewellery were actually sex toys?


Here is the sneakiest, most fashionable collection of sex toys that you could proudly wear around the office (and have a secret snigger about when your seedy CEO compliments you on them) — if you're game enough: