The sex every twentysomething woman has had

Otherwise known as “Why we can’t play ‘never have I ever’ ever again.”

By Lorna Gray

1. Drunk sex.
2. Make up sex.
3. Disappointing AF sex. :(
4. Shame sex...

Y’know when you really wish you hadn’t done that…
5. Sex that results in an injury.
6. Unexpected freak sex. i.e. the guy who turns into a Cirque Du Soleil performer before your very eyes.

7. Shower sex.
8. Animalistic sex.
9. “His dong is too big” sex. (or too small...)
10. Ex sex. No good can come of this, Sarah.
11. Rockstar sex. When someone’s all ‘you’re the best I’ve ever had’ and you’re thinking “Really?!” as it's just ok. Like, they’re treating you like Mick Jagger when you're realistically more of a Chris Martin.

12. Sloppy sex. (Can also be filed under drunk sex.)
13. Unexpected sex. Damn you, granny panties.
14. Fck buddy sex.
15. Sober sex with said fck buddy.
16. Mind-blank sex. (Can also be filed under drunk sex.)
17. Mind-blown sex.
18. Hungover sex aka the dream.
19. Experimental sex.
20. Energetic sex. Go team!
21. One-night stand sex.
22. Sex with a friend.
23. Porny sex.

24. Sex with toys.
25. Sex with food and/or ice.
26. Awkward sex.
27. Sex when someone else is in the room.
28. Sex on some form of transportation.
29. Faking it sex. We need to stop doing this, ladies.
30. Rough sex.
31. Role-play sex.

32. Oily sex.
33. And, of course, the absolute best… Being in love sex.