Sex without strings

Is it possible to have no-strings attached sex? We ask some guys to weigh in on this age-old debate...

Most of us have been there: in a situation where we sleep with a guy even though we're not really sure where we stand with him. Did it mean more to you than it meant to him? Now you've slept together does it mean something else will happen? And, most importantly, is it even possible to have sex with someone with no strings attached? We've asked a load of guys to tell us their honest opinion about whether sex sans strings is even possible. Check out what they say below…

Yes, but it will only last for as long as it takes until one of them falls in love with the other, and that will always happen! So the proper answer is no! - Steven, 36.

It depends on the context. One night stands with a stranger, yes. In any other circumstance, no. Men that believe that myth are either fooling themselves, lucky or have no idea when it comes to women. - Tom, 24.

Define "strings", I guess not really... - Dwayne, 26.

If you barely know them, sure. But if it's a friend or someone you see regularly, there's always going to be a string or two. - James, 21.

Yes, especially if you don't care about them.- Ben, 30.

Blokes handle that much better than chicks do… I think chicks could handle it for a couple of months, then the "dynamic" changes a bit after that. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing! - Justin, 28

Sure, as long as you know it's just fun. - Oliver, 25.

Yes but only for a short period of time, let's say under a month before things get messy and awkward. - Chris, 24.

For some people perhaps, but not for me. I wouldn't have sex with a girl that I didn't like, and by that time the strings are already attached. - Christian, 22.

This is a hard one. The "friends with benefits" card as always been around and for a lot of people it works, but in my opinion, at some point one of the two parties, if not both, will develop feelings for the other one. It's like social smoking. At first you do it to have a bit of fun, but then you get attached and it becomes a habit. I just compared smoking with sex, yes! - Julian, 22.

Initially yes, but girls get emotionally attached before men, so it can't go on for too long before she wants more. I wish I could blame that on my awesome manhood but I've seen myself in the mirror, so it ain't that! - Kane, 30.

No… plus I would rather wait for someone that I could be in a relationship with rather than an interim situation. - Nick, 22.

Yes, but only on a very short term basis. - Daniel, 24.

Personally I find it hard to separate the connection from the act. - Roger, 26.

Definitely, you've just got to lay down the laws at the start. - John, 24.