She’s a pornstar with an honours degree

Businesswoman and feminist Angela White, 28, is challenging the sex industry’s stereotypes…

By Jessica Parry
Angela White

“I was fascinated by sex and sexuality as a teenager and wanted to get into porn by the age of 14. I was already a DD cup, which seemed to happen overnight. I’d cried about my flat chest and Mum would say, “Don’t worry, you’re going to catch up to the other girls.” It was like they blossomed overnight – they just exploded.

My natural breasts – now a 32GG – were my entry to porn when, aged 18 and still in Year 12, I sent some photos I’d taken at my home in Sydney’s outskirts off to an adult entertainment company specialising in big-breasted stars. Weeks later, at their request and expense, I flew to Miami, Florida, for a shoot. I remember telling Mum, “I’m doing porn – there’s nothing you can say to make me not want to do this. This is my passion.”

Her true calling

Looking back, I wish I had been more sympathetic when I told her my plans – but I was so confident, no one was going to change my mind. Mum was frightened, thinking I might be kidnapped, abused or raped. It surprised me when Dad was a lot cooler about it. Word spread around my school, but there was no backlash – they only threatened to suspend me over kissing a girl in the playground.

My first shoot, just a few days after arriving in the US, was exhilarating. The photographer said, ‘OK, do a slow strip,’ and as I was taking my clothes off in the studio full of people, it hit me: ‘This is what I want to be doing.’ I felt respected for my sexuality and validated. It was a major boost to my body image.

Soon the work flowed, solo at first. It was a year before I was filmed having sex with another woman, and eight before being filmed with a man. I’m bisexual and I enjoy exploring my sexuality.

I enjoy domination and submission and prefer authentic sex over acting – you know, plumber turns up and housewife seduces him. I like to have chemistry with my partner and tell them, ‘Let’s have sex how we would if the cameras weren’t here.’

Smart and sexy

Over the years I’ve appeared on dozens of magazine covers, starred at Sexpo, found international fame (I’m big in Japan!) and hordes of fans. Internet piracy is changing the adult industry – now I do live webcam shows where I interact with fans. While shows can be recorded, the live experience can’t be pirated.

I’m proud of my subscription-based website I’m the producer and star, controlling all aspects of my shoots, which have been bankrolled by myself and one investor.

Being involved in porn, and the adult industry generally, has afforded me a comfortable lifestyle that has allowed me to travel, study here and abroad, and also plan for the future. Back in 2007, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts in gender studies at the University of Melbourne, and graduated with first-class honours. I’d been completely perplexed by how feminism was representing my industry.

When telling people I’m a porn star, they would assume I was degraded on set. There were arguments about the subordination of women. It was assumed I was a drug addict or abused as a child. I’m an advocate of women’s rights and had only ever felt empowered by my work.

Through interviews conducted for my honours thesis on pornography, I found other performers felt the same. We all look after each other in porn – everyone is serious about being tested for STIs and being safe. We have an industry database where you can check a performer’s health status.

I’m passionate about the rights of sex workers and publicly advocated for them when I ran for parliament as a candidate for the Australian Sex Party. I want to go back and do my PhD on the subject in a few years, and do even more research on this topic.


While I’ve always had a good relationship with my mum, it’s taken some time for her to accept what I do for a living. Before, when she would have friends over, I’d tell them that I was studying (true at the time) and stop there.

Now, if I’m home and she has a friend coming over, I give her a look and she says, ‘You tell them what you want. You tell them the truth!’ The first time Mum told me she was proud of me, I cried. She said I’ve conducted myself with professionalism and, of my website, ‘You’re taking on the world’.

I’m also really proud of my achievements, but I’m modest when people tell me I’m Australia’s most famous female porn star. It’s important to remain grounded and recognise the contributions and achievements made by others. I like to stay focused on the philosophy behind my work, which is that we shouldn’t be ashamed of our sexuality – we should embrace it.”

Photography credit: AGW Entertainment B.V. Makeup by Renee Mcavoy.