Should you ever...

Have sex in the office? We ask a sexpert.

Sex in the office sounds like a cheeky bit of fun, but when push comes to shove (so to speak!), doing the horizontal mambo on the boardroom table can end up being very complicated. Not only can a thousand things go wrong (smile, you’re on security camera), but it’s going to make things at work a whole lots messier - and you could totally be sprung in the act. Imagine running into your one night (day) stand at the coffee shop every morning, knowing your boss has seen the two of you at it – CRINGE! So is it ever a good idea? We asked sexpert Dr. Nikki Goldstein for her advice.

“I would never suggest having sex in the office. There needs to be a separation between your personal life and your professional life and this is definitely one act that crosses the line,” says Goldstein.

But on the other hand, “there is a reason it’s so tempting: it’s out of bounds and the idea of changing a non-sexual atmosphere into highly-charged one can be a huge turn-on,” says Goldstein.

Plus, there’s the fact you will be thinking all day about what you did on your desk last night, which comes with its own kind of thrill.

“The reality of it is there are going to be some of you who will jump into this no matter what, but the advice I have is to know your risks and do your research thoroughly,” says Goldstein.

She advises to play it smart and lower your chance of getting caught pants down – literally – by taking note of when people are coming and going from the office and if there’s any security – it seems common sense, but we all know our sensible side leaves us when there’s a hottie making moves. Make sure there aren’t any cameras around sending a live feed of you getting down and dirty to the security peeps.

If you still want to take the chance, make sure you know if you’re breaking any rules in your contract or in the company’s code of conduct (which you probably are). And you should definitely consider the potential fall out if you’re busted: will you be fired?

You also really need to consider how you’d like to be perceived at work: if you get found out, how will it affect co-workers’ opinions of you? Getting hot and heavy at work could be seen as an extreme and irresponsible thing to do, so you need to think about if you want co-workers think of you like this. How important is this job to you?

For those ready for an office-edition of their bedroom antics, there’s one last think to mull over: if you’re spotted, how are you going to explain being butt-naked and bent over your desk? Can you come up with a decent excuse? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Have you ever had sex in an office?