Size matters… for ladies

Yep, the size of your clitoris can impact how much you orgasm. True story.

Size matters for ladies

Despite the fact that we’ve all been reassuring guys of the opposite, it turns out size really does matter when it comes to sexy time. Although not in the way you might think.

New research has found that the size of a woman’s clitoris could actually affect how hard or easy it is for her to orgasm.

Researchers at OBGYN at Good Samaritan Hospital in Ohio performed MRI scans on the pelvic areas of 30 women who were all around 32 years old. Twenty of these chicks reported having normal orgasm experiences and 10 of them said they rarely, or never, achieved orgasms.

When they compared the two groups of women they found something interesting – the ladies who couldn’t orgasm as easily had around a distance of five to six millimetres between the vagina and the clitoris. Plus, they also had smaller clitorises. So, does a small clitoris mean you’re guaranteed to have worse sex than your better endowed friends?

"We still can't tell whether this is the chicken or the egg," study researcher Susan Oakley said.

"Do these women have a bigger clitoris because they have more orgasms? Or are they born with a bigger clitoris that allows them to have better function?"

Sex and relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein says that, yes, a closer clitoris and vagina could impact the amount of pleasure you get fromdoing the deed.

“When the clitoris is closer to the vagina it means that it’s easier for it to be stimulated during sex. Also, a bigger clitoris means that it’s easier to find - for you and your partner,” she explains.

But don’t stress if you feel your clitoris is lacking in size (seriously – who would even know? How big is average?!), it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have anticlimactic sex forever more.

“A smaller sized clitoris should have just as many nerve endings as a large one. It does not mean yours doesn’t work as well as a bigger one,” says Dr Nikki. Got it?

If you feel like you’re forgetting what your orgasm feels like (FYI only 30 percent of women actually orgasm from sex, to put things in perspective) there <i>are ways you can get more pleasure happening for you.

“The best way to have an orgasm is to work out how to have one on your own. Self-pleasuring will help you to figure out what gets you over the edge so you can then tell your partner and put it into practise in sex,” explains Dr Nikki.

“Foreplay is a big thing too; the more stimulation that region gets, the more blood flow it receives, which means there’s more chance of reaching an orgasm.”

The study also found that women with orgasm problems tended to stick to missionary position, whereas ladies who could orgasm normally usually favoured girl on top positions.

“Doggy style is also good for women who can orgasm from clitoris stimulation because either you or your partner can reach the clitoris,” explains Dr Nikki.

“When it comes to women who have difficulty orgasming, there’s no magical position that will get you there. Everyone has a different anatomy, for example, your uterus could be tilted differently to someone else’s or your G-spot might be somewhere different. It’s important to experiment so you find what works for you.”