Snapchat sisters sue

The faces of Snapchat are suing the app for making them look like “sluts”.

Two sisters who have become the faces of Snapchat are suing the creators of the app for a share of their (massive) profits. They claim that they never agreed to represent the brand have been made to look like “sluts.”

Sarah and Elizabeth Turner say that they agreed to shoot some pictures for Snapcahat co-founder Evan Spiegel back in 2011, for an app he was developing called Picaboo.

They claim that they posed on the beach together as a free favour for that particular app, and their release only agreed to iPhone use. Picaboo is now Snapchat, and is available across Android devices too. As are their bikini shots.

TMZ also reports that the sisters say some of their photos were edited to make them appear naked.

The sisters are seeking a cut of Snapchat’s profits for violation of rights of publicity. They think the app has tarnished their reputation with its “tawdry” nature as a sexting app, because when the term “Snapchat sluts” is Googled, their faces come up.

According to Courthouse News, their official complaint reads:

As a result of the prominent and extensive promotion of their personae by Snapchat Inc. and its principals, Elizabeth and Sarah have suffered having their images tainted by the somewhat tawdry reputation of Snapchat applications, widely reputed to be used as 'sexting' apps. For example, Google Images searches of the offensive slur 'snapchat sluts' results in the sisters' photographs, promulgated by Snapchat Inc. and its founders, appearing first at the top of the search results.

Why TF would anyone Google that?!