Social media or sex?

Do tweets turn you on more than foreplay? Time to step away from the computer...

Would you rather tweet than tear the sheets? Do you prefer to look up your Facebook notifications over looking down your boyfriend's pants? Well you aren't the only one.

The University of Chicago's social science faculty conducted extensive interviews with more than 250 undergraduate students over a period of seven days.

The findings were bleak.

The report found that the seductiveness of online relations is apparently more aluring than actual sexual relations. In other words, we would rather get worked up about someone's lame status update (probably just complaining about some gross person sitting next to them on the train, or giving us every detail of what they ate for breakfast this morning) than getting properly hot and bothered with someone in real time.

University professor Jamie Cohen explained this has a lot to do with how easy and accessible social media is: "If you had a window in your house…imagine just never trying to look out of it. So they feel it's there, they have to look at it."

So basically we are just a lazy, lazy generation who would rather sit and watch events unfold on our laptops than put in the extra effort needed to shack up. Say it isn't so!

To make matters worse, the study also blamed our social media addiction on the fact that we have a massive case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Okay so we checked our Insta-feed ONCE while changing positions…does that really mean sex is on the path to becoming obsolete?!

Before you tweet your goodbyes and quit cold turkey, we have some other interesting news for you: the study also found the more people try to ignore the buzz of social media, the stronger the urge becomes. Social media is quite literally a train wreck destroying our sex lives, and we just can't help but look on! What is wrong with us?

Okay…so maybe we should start with baby steps and limit our daily tweets starting from now…okay now…as soon as we tweet this article.