Speak up for sex!

Here’s how to articulate your every sexy desire and fantasy and finally get yours in bed. Because frankly, his penis isn't psychic.

Mirror, Mirror…

“Look in a mirror and practise what you want to say,” advises sex educator and author Carlin Ross..

Lead with a compliment (“I love it when you…”) before suggesting a new move (“It would turn me on so much if you…”).

Sext it to him now

Want more oral, less jackhammer – but can’t say it? Start with a sext. Tell him “I can’t stop thinking about your mouth on me,” add in a kiss emoji, and send. The message will be received!

Pull the trigger

Real talk: roughly 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm during sex. So why not try a vibrator?

“The Rabbit gets all the glory, but the bullet changed my sex life most,” says Kate, 31. “Use
it during doing doggie style. It’s beyond.”

Show and tell

Want him to tickle you with ostrich feathers and call you Sally? “Couples porn or sexy fiction make great conversation starters,” says Tristan Taorminom the filmmaker behind the Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples.

Share a naughty clip from and breezily tell him “I stumbled across this, and it really turned me on.”

Follow the leader

Here’s one for your Pinspirational Quotes Board: “Be the change you want to see… in bed.”

Yearning for a smack on the bum when you’re on top? Love-tap his butt during missionary – it will inspire him to give it back as good as he got.