Summer (sex) bucket list

’Tis the season to get your gear off – and we’ve got the hottest ways to do it, legally.

Summer sex bucket list

Ah, summer sex. There’s just something so, well, hot about doing it in the holiday season. If you’re single, then there’s the thrill of who your next fling might be; if you’re taken, the relaxed vibe will send libidos soaring higher than the seagulls.

It’s no wonder scientists have documented increases in condom sales when we’re all enjoying (really enjoying) the warmer months.

So if you’re going to be having lots of sex, how do you stop it from becoming same-same?

Enter the sex bucket list. Here are three ideas to get you started… We’ll leave it to you to fill in the rest!

Sex on a boat/yacht

There’s the esky stocked with champagne, the hot breeze, the aroma of salt water – and the fact there’s not really much else to do! While it’s not as creative as other transport sex, it’s a lot less uncomfortable than attempting to join the Mile-High Club. Plus, it means you’ve met a boy with a boat. ’Nuff said.

How to do it: No matter how experienced a seaman your captain is, wait until you’re securely moored before things get hot and heavy, or you risk a cruise ship-style rock collision.

Doing it in the pool/spa

Why is the water-plus-sex combo so appealing? The fact there’s nothing more refreshing when you feel hot and sweaty? Or that boobs look great in water? Add those two to the racy thrill of possibly getting caught, and this makes for one popular fantasy.

How to do it: Lots of lube! The biggest downer is that water washes away your body’s natural lube, so pack the silicone-based stuff. Also, sex in public is illegal, so unless you own a private beach, stick with the pool in your backyard.

Foreign affairs

Sex with a random stranger = hot. Sex with a random stranger with an accent = even hotter. Any must-do-in-this-lifetime list isn’t complete without this one ticked off. The best part? No strings, and no messy breakup – just a pleasant parting of ways based on mutual understanding.

How to do it: Don’t get attached. Just don’t. You’ll ruin the memories of what was the Hottest Summer Of Your Life if you try to drag it out past February. And remember two words: condoms; always.