This Reddit AMA with a Sydney sex-worker is legit so interesting

But kinda NSFW?

By Mahalia Chang
Diary of a Call Girl.

Two days ago an anonymous Sydney sex-worker held a very in-depth AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, where she opened herself up to questions of all types about all things. And, unsurprisingly, it was very, very interesting.

The woman, who went by the username 'growlergirl', revealed in her introduction that she has been in the industry for 'five and a half years' and has worked in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. In the AMA, which was picked up on Pedestrian, she talks everything from ideal penis size to social stigma.

If you like, here is the full AMA; if not, here are our highlights.

On her usual clientele

On her most-unusual requests

On her flat rate

On having an ideal penis size

On her ideal client

On, most importantly, the most she’s paid for some avo toast