Tara O'Sullivan: A Touchy Subject

We all know personal playtime is perfectly fine. But how many of us actually take the time to get know ourselves below the line?

Tara O'Sullivan: A Touchy Subject

Hands up if you masturbate. Come on, don't be shy, your amongst friends here.

Let me see those hands up high...Hello? Anyone? Hmmm, surely I'm NOT the only one?

Ever since I was young, and my mother caught me sitting on the garden sprinkler, I have been a loud and proud self pleasurer. I can still remember the day I discovered the delicious secrets that hid beneath my Kmart ValueSmart knickers. Transfixed by the wave of pleasure I had accidentally created, I was befuddled and amused at what I was quickly learning about my body...and I still am today.

While chatting with a girlfriend last week I was shocked to learn not everyone shares my views on flying solo. In fact, this particular friend had never masturbated in her life. EVER.

With barely contained mortification, I quizzed my dear lady friend as to why she had never let her own fingers do the walking. "It's not right. It's weird and gross and...embarrassing."

I was speechless. Getting sprung watching midget porn by you grandmother is embarrassing, getting yourself off is most certainly not, it's fantastic! What could be so weird and gross about your own personal quest to find sexual fulfillment? Granted, some may go looking for peace or god or some other divine meaning in life, but what if your happiness lay between your legs. I couldn't think of anything worst than going through life not knowing or understanding the extreme power of my pleasure point.

What I have trouble understanding the most about our gender's hesitation to explore the depths of our nether regions is the guilt. Right up there with large Big Mac meals, and blowing rent on an over-priced Designer dress, self satisfaction reigns supreme on the shame scale. But why? We have all emerged from our fore sister's sexual-suppression, educated, confident and eager to take our lives into our own hands...shouldn't that include our vagina?

Everyone knows masturbating it's healthy, and natural, and, that learning how to "love" yourself, can make it a lot easier to draw the map for someone else.

So why aren't we all getting on board the Self Love Train? I guarantee you, once you have pulled out of the station, you will love the journey.

Oh! The exciting places you will stop along the way and the people you'll meet. ( Just last week blue Wiggle Anthony drove me straight into O town! ) And because your the only passenger, you get to colour and shape your fantasy trip any way you like. The duration, speed, and final destination is all up to you.

So make this week, the week my lovely ladies. Take time out to put out to yourself. Really explore and discover your body like it has just been given to you. Post up your findings, start a facebook page, sponsor a friend, do whatever you need to do to inspire a little self loving. Relax and enjoy the magic of being a woman and own it!

Oh, and don't worry, I promise you won't go blind ;)