Tara tries... dating apps

Tara tests out two of the most popular dating apps and shares her verdict

These days there’s an app for everything. Whether you’re looking for food, fetish toys, or just want to casually share your bowel movements; I wish I was kidding... These days, it seems like our phone are there to help us do pretty much anything, including finding a hot date. But forget the slow and boring flirting of dating sites such as RSVP or eHarmony, these little social hook-up apps, connect you directly with people who are online right this second – single, and definitely ready to mingle. But do they really work at finding you some fun? I mean, could it actually be possible to find semi-normal, single men without any sexual perversions on a social chat site? Well,let’s see...

Blendr, supposedly the straight cousin of the hugely popular app Grindr (the gay man’s go-to tool for hook-ups) connects like-minded people for fun, “friendship” and dating. Sounds sweet and innocent enough to me.

Except it’s not like that at all; nobody wanted to be my “friend”. After several attempts to try and make conversation with the countless headless (and hairless) profile pictures of buff torsos, I was almost ready to change my profile picture to a Swedish supermodel to see if that incited a little more response, when finally I had a new message!

After chatting with my new friend Hottie73, I had a date. Well, I had an invitation to go watch him in his drag show next week. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly feel like I’d just met the man of my dreams. Phone still in hand, I closed Blendr and opened up my next app, Skout.

Now, I have a few friends who had actual success from this happy little app, so I had high expectations.

Logged on and looking for love, I found Matt 29, a personal trainer.

Matt and I hit it off over some witty instant messaging banter and despite having nothing in common, I agreed to meet him for a drink in a very safe, highly populated location, might I add.

It went bad, very bad. Firstly, he looked nothing like his Channing Tatum-esque profile picture. Strike one.

For over an hour I listened attentively as Matt explain the benefits of drinking protein shakes before working out. When I politely told him that I didn’t actually work out, he said he could tell. Thanks, Matt; you sure know how to win a lady’s heart.Next , whilst pointing out the areas of my body that could be “fixed” with pilates, Matt unfortunately got a severe nosebleed and bled over my very cute andveryexpensive best date dress. (I swear to you, all this is TRUE!) End of date.

My final verdict? While, I can understand how attractive these fun dating apps may seem, the promise of finding your perfect partner whilst lying in bed, bored and wearing your daggiest PJs, really is a little too good to be true. Not only do you have to be very careful who is actually on the other side of that handsome profile pic, you also have to very aware that the majority of faces on there are only looking for someone to get down and dirty with. If that’s your thing then maybe these apps are for you – but, if you’re looking for something else, it’s very time-consuming and disheartening sifting through all the sleaze and find something real.

I honestly believe these types of ‘dating’ apps lead to nothing but trouble and nose bleeds.

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