The most WTF questions ever asked in the Cosmo office

How would you answer, “Do you poo at work?”

By Rebecca Sloan

A normal email in our office goes something like, “Has anyone been delivered any condoms lately? I went off the Pill cos it made me crazy and now Troy and I have to use rubbers. FML.”

Please don't tell HR our our arses.

The point of this is that this kind of ~honesty~ is not so common in other workplaces (but it's fun) so we thought we’d invite you guys into the convo.

We’ve got an epic list of all the most WTF questions that have ever been asked in the Cosmo office (from pooing to cheating to everything that's NSFW).

We want you to do it so we can show you the results in an upcoming issue – and trust us, it will be reading GOLD.

But it will also be moderately entertaining for you to see exactly what we ask each other in an average 9am meeting.

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