The new sex position

Could sleeping on your stomach give you sexier dreams?

The new sex position

Apparently it's not just reading 50 Shades before bed that will give you erotic dreams. According to research carried out by Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, of Shue Yan University in Hong Kong, sleeping on your stomach can amp up the sexiness of your slumber.

670 people were surveyed in the study, two-thirds of whom were women. They were asked about their regular sleeping position, the theme of their dreams and how often they occurred.

Researchers found those who slept on their tummy reported a variety of erotic dreams, often featuring feelings of being tied up or an inability to move - Christian Grey, eat your heart out.

It was concluded that when people sleep on their stomachs, they don't receive as much air as they would if they were sleeping on their side or back, so it's easy for your mind to imagine you're being constricted.

Want to ramp up your nocturnal sex life? Easy. Just roll over!