The OMG guide to solo sex

Want to shake things up? The seven hottest ways to come, all by yourself...

Guide to solo sex

Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love sex with your BF, you’ve had a longer affair with yourself. Yep, we’re talking about masturbation and we know it can get boring if you don’t shake things up a bit. That’s right, solo sexcapades need a little spice thrown in from time-to-time too! Lucky for you, we have seven searing hot ways to have you coming like crazy, all by yourself.

Caress more than just your genitals. You have other spots that can be totally neglected when you’re taking a solo trip down south. We’re talking about your nipples and the area just about your pubic bones. While you work your magic down there, try pinching and brushing nipples or stroking your lower stomach just above your pubic area – hot stuff!

Get ice cold. Run an ice cube around your nipples as you touch yourself and then use it to play with your clitoris. The ice will slowly melt and warm up as you get hotter and hotter. Erotic much?! The best part is you don’t need any lube. Winning!

Listen to erotic audio books. There’s a reason why audio books are our new favourite thing. They let you listen hands-free! Play your favourite erotic novel and use the words to fuel your fantasies.

Smile, you’re on camera. Just because you’d never make a sex tape with your BF, doesn’t mean you should never make one solo. Use your phone to tape yourself for you to watch later. If you’re nervous about others finding the clip, you can always delete it after recording. After all, the hottest part is being caught on camera.

Do it in plain sight. There’s something seriously sexy about masturbation in semi-public, where no one knows what’s going on but you. It’s that little bit of danger that gives it a kinky thrill. Try it out in a bathroom at a party, on a plane or wherever you think you can do it without getting busted (or seen).

Watch yourself in a mirror. Just like the camera, watching yourself in a mirror can show you how turned on you are – except in real time – and that is seriously hot. Just imagine what your fantasy guy would think being able to see you make those sexy expressions.

Stand up or lean against a wall. When you stand up it helps the blood rush towards your clitoris. The extra blood flow creates a totally different (but still uber hot) feeling compared to lying down. That’s why it’s a quick and easy way to shake up your solo sexcapade.