The quickest way to his (older) heart is

As guys age their desires change in a few very specific (and kinda kinky) ways…

Generally speaking, guys are pretty much happy as long as they’re having sex. But we polled over 1500 men and discovered that what kind of sex they are into changes as they exit their twenties.

“Younger men are usually excited to be having sex at all,” says Ian Kerner, writer of She Comes First. “But once they reach their thirties, the novelty has worn off. Then they start looking for more of a connection with their partner, and for ways to fight sexual boredom.” The great news for you? Guys get more experimental with age – and a lot more generous.

There’s a move they want to do

Most guys in their early twenties told us there’s nothing like a blowjob to put them in the mood for sex. But the thoughtful blokes in the 30 to 34 age range? Most of them said going down on you is the best way to get them erect.

“Mature men understand that pleasure is better when you’re both experiencing it,” says Kerner. “They realise that women just aren’t going to orgasm simply from being penetrated.”

He wants to be touched *there*

While only 23 percent of men under 30 are open to the idea of you knocking at their back door, almost half the guys in their thirties say it’s an idea they can, uh, get behind. “They’re more comfortable with their bodies and want to explore different areas,” says Yvonne K Fulbright, author of Touch Me There! Slowly massage his perineum (the tender spot between his balls and his butt). If he doesn’t object, work your way back.

There’s something they now want to share with you

More than 80 percent of thirtysomethings said it turns them on to watch porn with their partners – a big step from 61 percent of twentysomethings. Experts say that’s probably because younger guys are more likely to worry you’ll judge them if they suggest watching porn together.

Guys in their 30s are sure enough in their desires to share them with you, says Kerner, often as a way to keep things hot in a long-term relationship.