Say hello to the sex toy selfie stick you never knew you needed

You can even FaceTime from inside you vag. FINALLY.

Some pervy techno-nerd has combined two of your favourite devices – your iPhone and your vibrator – to create a sexy selfie toy for the inside of your vagina.

For realz.

The name of the gadget is about as sexy as its premise. The ‘Svakom Gaga Intimate Selfie Camera Vibrator’ is currently on sale at Love Honey for $169.95.

Some main features of the toy are listed as thus:

"Whisper-quiet rechargeable vibrator with built-in camera for endoscopic exploration"


"HD camera with illumination offers a clear view of internal contours and response during stimulation"

-> WTF

"100% waterproof for shower or bathtub pleasure"

-> Because of course

"Compatible with Apple 'FaceTime' - share the view with your lover whether you're in the same room, or the other side of the World"

-> WHY!

"Includes software disc for those with a PC"

-> Unhygienic?

"Comes with a drawstring storage bag, USB cable and instructions"

-> Shudders

Also worth noting, this online review:

“It is simple to use and the vibrations are good, plus I love the colour. Uploading the video was easy too, but I realised I had pulled a funny face at the beginning when I first switch it on and the light was directly in my eyes, which I struggled to cut out as I wasn't in my sexy lingerie, as you could see later on in the video.”