The two spots he's dying for you to touch

These ball handling tricks will send him wild.

Here's a question every girl has pondered, but probably rarely asked out loud: What do you do with a guy's balls during sex?. You might have your best sex positions and oral sex skills mastered, but sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

Every girl has her go to moves when it comes to handling her guy's package, but what about his balls? Uh, yeah. Chances are your repertoire for his twins isn't exactly as vast... and you're not alone.

"From my experience, many women steer clear of their guy's testicles because they think they're too sensitive to touch," says sex therapist Patti Taylor, PhD, author of Expanded Orgasm, which just isn't true.

His boys are an often untapped pleasure spot and when you stimulate them in certain ways, they can not only boost his arousal but also intensify his orgasm.

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"His testicles are actually covered by a thin layer of muscle that extends into his abdomen, so as he gets more excited, he experiences pleasurable contractions that radiate throughout his body, magnifying his climax," says clinical sexologist Rachel Ross, MD, PhD. We talked to leading sex experts to map out exactly what your guy craves down there. Follow your guide and you'll have your man by the cojones... in a really, really good way.

Start slow...

"Every man's sensitivity down there is different," says Taylor. "Some enjoy a slightly rough handling, while others prefer to keep things light."

To gauge his level, cup his twins in one hand while stroking his penis with the other — the familiar touch will get him primed for new sensations. Massage the underside of his balls with your palm in slow circles, gradually increasing the pressure.

"Ask him to tell you when it's on the cusp of beginning uncomfortable so you know the threshold," suggests Sadie Allison, author of Tickle His Pickle. Another tactic is to put his hand on your chest and have him show you how hard he'd like for you to touch him by squeezing your breast with a similar pressure. "That way, you'll be sure of exactly what level of stimulation works for him when you're exploring," explains Allison.

There’s a secret spot on his balls that’s more sensitive than the rest

Check out his ball sack and you will notice there's a seam that runs down the middle of it, all the way to the base of his penis. "There are a ton of nerve endings along this line, so it feels amazing if you touch him there," says Allison. Suck on one for your fingers (or use a bit of lube), and then trace up and down the ridge, varying the amount of pressure you apply. Then follow the same line with the tip of your tongue.

Just your hands on his balls can get him hot

Many women know that holding a guy's balls during oral is important but aren't entirely sure what to do once they have their hands there.

Cup his balls with one hand then rotate them around, sliding the balls over on another. "Lightly squeeze them at the same time," suggests Dr.Ross. The combination of your hands touching his boys and the ball-on-ball contact feels unexpected, and it provides more intense stimulation. Trust us: He'll enjoy the surprise.

Ball licking: How to use your tongue on his balls

Alternate ball licking with the flat part and the pointy tip. Start by circling around one ball, licking all the way across it as well as up and down. Then slowly trace your way to the next, using a mixture of long, straight strokes and figure eights.

"Not knowing what's happening next will heighten his arousal," says Taylor.

Scratching his balls can be (really) nice

Trailing your fingernails lightly from side to side and then up and down his twins will give him chills — it creates a good kind of pressure that will send his nerves into overdrive.

"Just make sure you are constantly moving and not hanging out in one spot for too long or the sensations can feel uncomfortably intense for him," says Taylor. You can also switch between combing his skin with your nails and stroking with the pads of your fingers, a combination that will lead to an even greater release.

There’s an easy way to take his balls in your mouth

Start by pursing your lips like you're about to kiss him, and softly suck on the loose skin surrounding his boys. Then when you're ready, try putting one testicle into your mouth at a time.

Just sucking on his balls like that will work him into a frenzy, but once you are comfortable, you can add extra tricks to make it an even hotter experience for him. Try swirling your tongue around each ball as you suck, like it's an ice-cream cone. "Or moan his name and you'll create awesome vibrations that will send him over the edge," suggests Allison.

His balls are like a remote control for his orgasm

As your man nears climax, his muscles involuntarily tense up and raise his boys closer to his body. "If you gently tug his testicles down by the base as he's about to orgasm, it will actually prolong his release," explains Dr. Ross.

The opposite is also true. "If you cup his balls and push them up for him, this speeds him along, making his orgasmic rush even more powerful," says Dr. Ross. You can try this out as you give him oral or even during sex. When he is thrusting from behind, try reaching around and either softly pulling up or down on his twins.

Give him a mind-blowing finale he won’t forget

After sex, his balls are likely overheated and a bit sore from all the action. "That's because as your guy thrusts, his testicles smack against his legs and your skin," explains Dr. Ross.

Keep a glass of ice water on the nightstand and once you've both climaxed, take a drink, holding and swirling the cool liquid in your mouth before swallowing. Then immediately envelop his balls with your lips, one at a time. "The cold temperature of your mouth will feel amazing against his sensitive balls, a soothing ice pack," says Dr. Ross. That way, he may get ready for round two.