This app tracks your sex life

In fact, it collates data from users over the globe.

Want to track your sex life in a serious of cute info-graphs and informative charts? There’s an app for that. It’s called… Nipple.

In a nutshell, you register, and then input the information from each day ranging from what you did, where you did it and who you did it with. It turns the act of essentially logging your conquests (and any ‘alone time’) into a fun little game.

As you progress, you tally up points and earn a ranking with all the other users around the globe. Yep, there’s literally a leader board.

We assume this isn’t encouraging women to go out and be promiscuous in order to score a spot on the site’s homepage (because, ew), but a particularly raunchy week of love-making with your significant other – perhaps over the long weekend – could see you earning some impressive stats.

Just sayin'.