This genius sexted her Dad

…as you can imagine, it didn’t end well. But it was hilarious for the rest of us.

This genius sexted her Dad

Well this is one way to get thousands of new followers on Twitter and Instagram…

Nyjah, an American college student (and avid user of social media, much like the rest of her generation), was in the bathroom and felt the urge to send her bae a suggestive snap.

Except, she sent it to her Dad by accident.

Her first thought – rather than turn off her phone or toss it out the window – was to hit up her Twitter followers for advice.

At least it only took a few hours for her to see the funny side of the situation…

Her Dad did in fact show up to her house, and sound off about the photo – we know because Nyjah documented his walking up the drive way, and subsequent rant, on her Instagram account.

What’s the lesson here kids? Next time use Snapchat.