This guy accidentally sexted his girlfriend's mum

My dick is crazy hard right now.

sext girlfriend's mum

In news that will make you cringe from the inner depths of your soul, screengrabs of a sext exchange gone horribly wrong have surfaced online.

You see, Mike Dempster and his girlfriend often spice up their time apart with naked photos and dirty sexts. Well, they used to. Before Mike accidentally sent a message to his girlfriend’s mum about the hardness of his peen (see above).

Buzzfeed’s Katie Notopoulos, who vouches for the authenticity of the texts by acknowledging Mike is her pal, spoke with him about the incident and basically asked how the hell does something like this happen in real life?!

According to Mike, it’s all down to "bad contacts management" as well as "sleepiness". In other words, can everybody reading this please make sure you triple check before you hit send on a text? And don’t sext if you’re drunk or tired. Unless of course you want your boyfriend’s dad to hear about how wet your panties are. NOPE.

While Mike describes his panic as one of heart-pounding "horror", his girlfriend and her mum saw the funny side.

"The last thing you want in your future in-laws' minds is your penis, unless maybe they're really thirsty for grandbabies," Mike tells Buzzfeed. "So my girlfriend is dying laughing as I go to sleep. And still laughing in the AM. She gets a call in the morning from her mum, who has been laughing for 30 minutes... Her mom says she's still brainstorming responses to my texts, but is probably going with 'Yeah, I hear it's pretty hard.'"

She's a "badass lady," Mike added. And, as per the above, she’s also great with puns! Mike tried to put a positive spin on the whole thing saying, "At its core it communicates something important, I think, and it's that I'm passionate about their daughter."

Good try, Mike.

Also, not quite as bad as that girl who sexted her dad.