This is the world’s healthiest sex toy

Wait, does that mean other sex toys are ‘unhealthy’?

healthy sex toy

When it comes to sex, it’s always best to keep things clean. Whether that’s wrapping up a new partner, making sure you get tested frequently for STIs and even making sure you scrub your sex toy after use, cleanliness, as dull as it sounds, is super important.

That’s why when we came across this sex toy that claimed to be the ‘healthiest’ in the world, we had to investigate.

We had a little chat to the co-founder of 47 Pure (the creators of this healthy sex toy) to find out how this vibrator has been given this title, and what ‘unhealthy’ sex toys we need to be avoiding.

Firstly, how unhealthy are other sex toys?

(Because frankly, we’re a little spooked right now about our current dildos!)

“There are some fantastic sex toys and respected, responsible brands on the market, so we’re not at all saying that all materials used in sex toys are bad. However, the industry is poorly regulated and there are toys on the market that pose a serious health risk to their owners.”

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“Many materials are porous and harbour bacteria. Despite women (and men) taking the correct measures to clean their toys after use, users are increasingly contracting bacterial infections from their own toys!”

What makes this one so healthy?

“The 47 Pure Vibe is made totally out of silver and silver is known to have antibacterial properties and is proven to effectively kill lower organisms.” Meaning, your vibrator is unintentionally (but thankfully) zapping away all the harmful bacteria just by being itself.

“Dating back to the 1800s, silver was successfully used in wound dressings and ointments to combat infection and promote healing. More recently, it has been used in clothing and bedding to prevent bacteria from digesting sweat and forming unpleasant odours.” So no stink too!

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“Silver interrupts the bacteria cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to its survival. These bonds produce the cell’s physical structure so when bacteria meets silver, it literally falls apart. Pure silver actively destroys lower bacterial organisms and makes it much harder for nasty bugs to reappear and spread.”

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So, should we switch to silver sex toys forever?

“We think so yes, but realistically, the first and most important step is making sex toy users aware of what is in their toys — question what they are made of and what this could imply for their health. We understand that many women and men have grown accustomed to moving, life-like vibrators, so while we might not be able to convert the entire world, for the health conscious or even those simply looking for a luxury intimate gift for themselves or their partners and confused as what to buy, then silver perfect solution.”

How much do we have to cough up for a silver sex toy?

“Our 47 Pure Vibrator is set to retail at $500.”

How much do you think people should be spending on sex toys?

“If you also consider how much would you would usually pay for favourite brand of shoes, make-up, jewellery, or a designer handbag for example, then look at what you deem acceptable to spend on your sex toy; the intimate accessory which of all the luxuries you own, is likely to have the closest contact to you. How does that compare to those shoes or that necklace?”

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“Until recent years, the sex toy industry was predominantly seen as ‘cheap’ and often taboo. If you wanted to buy a sex toy, you’d need to visit a backstreet store… the one with blacked out windows… the visit you’d perhaps make under the cover of dusk or dark… These days around 50% of women own or have used a sex toy. It’s more commonly discussed, it’s no longer the guilty pleasure we don’t admit to owning. We have so much more choice now too. So, when it comes to our often-favourite pastime, why should we set a budget for intimate pleasure? After all, our little silver companion will out-live most of the accessories and everyday luxuries we happily splash out on without giving it a second thought.”

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